Chinese Criminals With Cambodian Citizenship Will Be Targeted In New Campaign

Many criminal leaders from China have become Cambodian nationals and have attracted the attention of the Chinese police, according to Chinese media. The Cambodian and Chinese police are determined to crack down on these criminals, and they will be sent back to China. Cambodia will not become a safe haven for these criminals to conduct illegal activities.

This statement came on June 3, after the Cambodian National Police Commissioner Neth Savoeun and Chinese Deputy Minister of Public Security Wang Xiaohong co-hosted a video conference on the work summary of the Cambodia-China Law Enforcement Cooperation. They summarized the results of cooperation between the two sides, and made plans for the next step of law enforcement cooperation, and announced that a special joint crackdown campaign will be launched in due course.

China News Agency reported that the two countries’ new joint crackdown campaign will focus on major cases, jointly combat vicious violent crimes, online gambling, telecommunications and Internet fraud, transnational drug trafficking, organizing smuggling and other illegal and criminal activities, and will arrest and repatriate various types of fugitives. They will also strengthen cooperation in immigration control and law enforcement capacity building, and continue to support the construction of the “Safe Sihanoukville”.

Wu Jianmin, head of the China-Cambodia Law Enforcement Cooperation Coordination Office, said, “We will make every effort to implement the high-level consensus of the police of the two countries, and take the joint special operation of the crackdown as an opportunity to target the people of the two countries after complaints about homicide, kidnapping and extortion, online gambling, and telecommunications (crimes). We will further strengthen China-Cambodia cooperation in combating crimes such as fraud, gang-related crimes and crimes. We will crack down on the above-mentioned crimes, maintain a high-pressure situation, and effectively safeguard the security and social stability of both countries.

Jianmin pointed out that some criminal leaders have obtained Cambodian nationality, and the Chinese and Cambodian police will continue to collect evidence, and provide the Cambodian side with information about their criminal records, and promote the cancellation if fraud was used to obtain Cambodian nationality, striving for repatriation to accept legal sanctions.

The deputy director and spokesperson of the Cambodian National Police, told China News Agency that at the request of the Chinese police, the Cambodian side launched operations to combat cross-border crimes and arrested and repatriated Chinese criminal suspects. These joint actions have played a positive role and have effectively guaranteed the safety of the two countries and their peoples.

He said that in the next stage, the two sides will continue to deepen law enforcement and pragmatic cooperation, enhance joint law enforcement capabilities, improve investigation and investigation efficiency, ensure deterrence and crackdown on criminal acts, and effectively maintain the security and stability of the two countries.

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