Upset Sihanoukville Policeman Shoots At Sky

Sihanoukville: A national police officer, with the rank of lieutenant colonel, fired three shots in the evening of June 3, 2021, behind Samudara Shopping Mall, located in Village 2, Sangkat 4, Preah Sihanouk Province.

The reason why the police fired three shots at the sky was because he was angry with his common law, who gave birth to a child more than a month ago and ran away from the man’s house.

In the past, the couple often quarreled many times because of family problems, and spent time living together and in different houses. On the day of the incident, the wife suddenly took the child from the husband’s house. Angry, he pulled out a handgun and fired three shots into the air.

It should be noted that the three gunshots did not cause any injuries, but were fired upwards to ‘ease the anger with his wife’.

Immediately after the incident, the police of the Sihanoukville Inspector arrived at the scene and took the perpetrator away to make inquiries and continue the legal procedures. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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