Malaria Cases Dramatically Reduced In Past Two Years

According to Dr. Li Ailan, the Representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) and Head of the WHO Country Office to the Kingdom of Cambodia, malaria cases in Cambodia have dramatically decreased over the past two years.

She wrote on Twitter “In April 2021, the country reached a historically low level of Plasmodium Falciparum cases (the deadliest strain of malaria) Only five P. Falciparum cases were recorded in the whole month.

Cambodia is on track to reach its target to eliminate P. Falciparum by 2023. WHO continues to provide our technical support to the Ministry of Health, National Malaria Programme and partners to implement the ‘Last Mile of #MalariaElimination‘ and celebrate new milestones.

While responding to COVID19, it is equally vital to maintain essential health programs & services. Cambodia remains at a critical stage of COVID19 response. I am highly concerned about the virus transmission. Thanks for the good news that malaria elimination is on right track.”

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