Kandal Prison COVID Cases ‘Under Control’

Phnom Penh: Director General of the General Department of Prisons, Mr. Chhem Savuth told the press on Wednesday May 26 that the cases of COVID-19 infection among inmates and Kandal provincial prison officials are not widespread and can be controlled. He added: “Currently, we are doing more research, there is no problem, we can stop this.”

It should be informed that after the COVID-19 infection spread to inmates and prison officials (another source puts the number at 103 inmates and 3 guards), the Kandal Provincial Administration has decided the area around Kandal Provincial Prison should be closed. Treatment required is being given inside the prison to avoid further infection.

Regarding this issue, the Governor of Kandal Province, Mr. Kong Sophorn, said this morning, May 26, 2021 that this situation already has management measures. The officers are in good health and security is in order. The convicts did not spread the disease because the buildings were isolated and staff were able to control the outbreak with the help of doctors.

In addition, the provincial governor said that in general, the cases of COVID in the prison were not chaotic, the number of infections is not much and can be controlled- the prison authorities are currently working on this and managing it. NKD

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