Military Policeman Hunted After Ex-Wife Stabbed

Kampong Thom: A military police officer in Kampong Thom province used a knife to stab his ex-wife, causing serious injuries and escaped the scene. The violence took place in Tbong Teuk village, Mean Rith commune, Sandan district, Kampong Thom province on the morning of May 23, 2021.

A 30-year-old woman named Kouch Muy Hiek, a resident of the commune, told the media on May 24, 2021 that the perpetrator is the recently divorced ex-husband named Srun Pich Raksmey, 36 years old, a military police officer in Kampong Thom province.

She continued that Srun Pich Raksmey, rode a motorbike to stop in front of her shop and shouted, “Where is your child? With whom?”  She said that the child sleeping in the house and had not yet woken up. He was with the victim’s mother. Another man (a carpenter) was working on repairs in the house.

The assailant then pulled out a sharp knife and stabbed her, causing serious injuries to her left arm, two wounds in the right hand and her neck. The knife and the ex-husband shouted, “Why let the man enter the room without asking permission from her husband first?”

According to family sources and village agents, this ex-husband had a violent relationship, until the wife decided life was unbearable and asked to part ways.

The woman is currently being treated at a private hospital in Sandan district.

The source continued: “She and her ex-husband have lost their temper due to their husband’s actions and how can she not live and raise children together?… And she has not (taken another) man yet, because the old heart wound has not healed and now(she) has a serious injury.”

Her family and she called on the authorities to help bring justice to the victims.

In this case, Brigadier General Hang Thol, Commander of the Kampong Thom Provincial Gendarmerie, confirmed on May 24 that there was indeed a case of violence, and the perpetrator, who is one of his unit forces, has fled. However, the military has been ‘burning hands and feet’ to arrest him.


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