Saved From Mob: COVID Escapee Found Hiding In Water Tank

Phnom Penh: Residents living near the Bassac River surrounded a man who escaped from hospitals after he was taken to be treated for COVID-19

The incident happened at 13:10 on May 22 in Doeum Chan village, Chbar Ampov Ty commune. 2 Khan Chbar Ampov, Phnom Penh.

According to the report from Mr. Chou Channy, the assistant of Chbar Ampov II commune, people in Doeum Chan village accosted a 29-year-old man named Mean Phanna, a resident of the village, who was found to be infected COVID. He was taken to be treated at Phsar Doeum Thkov Primary School for a week, and ws said to have recovered, but tried to run away and hide in the village, making people afraid.

Mr. Chou Channy confirmed that three days ago, this patient escaped from the hospital, but was the authorities and district authorities in Chbar Ampov spent two nights and three days to find the patient hiding in a water tank. He then ran out of the water tank and hid in a house before he was finally caught. An angry mob of people set upon him, but the authorities intervened. KPT

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