Man On Drugs Survives 5th Floor Fall

Phnom Penh: A man jumped from a five-story building, hitting another roof and was only slightly injured, surprising the people and the authorities at 10:10 pm on May 21, 2021, along Street 488 near the roundabout of Phsar Doeum Thkov in Sangkat Phsar Doeum Thkov, Khan Chamkar Morn.

The man was named as Yun Piseth, male, 23 years old, living in a rented room in Sangkat Phsar Doeum Thlou, Khan Chamkar Morn, and from Ba Phnom District, Prey Veng Province.

Sources from the people near the scene said that before the incident, they heard loud screams from the fifth floor, but do not know what happened. Moments later, the victim jumped off the roof of the house and rolled to the ground, acting like a drug addict. Citizens immediately reported to local authorities to intervene.

After that, the local police arrived and found that the victim was only slightly injured, so they contacted the ambulance to take the man to be treated. NKD

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