Capital Markets To Reopen On 24th

Phnom Penh: On May 20, 2021, the Phnom Penh Capital Administration decided to open all state markets in Phnom Penh from May 24, 2021 onwards. 

Article 1: All state markets in Phnom Penh are allowed to open from May 24, 2021 onwards, except for all irregular markets such as factory market, community markets, private markets, hospital markets and street markets which are not allowed to operate to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Article 2: During the commencement of the opening of all state markets, the Governor of the Central Market Authority and all the management of the State Market shall implement the following administrative and health measures:
– To allow traders to sell goods as food, which is a daily necessity only, but food and beverage stalls in the market must not accept customers to come to eat- takeaways must be sold packaged
– Must limit the number of customers in/out of the market appropriately proportional to the size of the market location to maintain absolute personal-social safety gaps and to ensure adequate ventilation by avoiding crowd. Also, draw lines for customers to maintain the necessary 1.5 meters gap in each market area.
Vendors, security, staff, workers, customers and all those present in the market must be obliged to wear masks and obligations to maintain safety gaps. In case of not wearing the mask or wearing the mask incorrectly or not keeping the safety gap, the Governor of the Central Market Authority and the Central Market Management Committee shall cooperate with professional officers and local authorities to apply immediate penalties to offenders including fines between R200,000 and R1,000,000 in accordance with Article 2 of Inter-Ministerial Prakas No. 178 MEF.PrK dated 19 March 2021 of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Health.

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