Poipet Trio Arrested With Drugs, Bullets & Strange Implement

Poipet: City Police detained 3 Suspects for drug trafficking in Poipet City, Banteay Meanchey Province on May 15, 2021. Lieutenant Colonel Born Seiha, Acting Inspector of the Poipet City Police Inspectorate, said that after receiving information from residents, a drug trafficking case was reported at 4:50 pm on May 13, 2021 to the Anti-Drug Force of Poipet City. Lieutenant Colonel Keo Dole, Deputy Inspector in charge, led the force to Palilei 2 Village, Sangkat Poipet, Poipet City, and arrested two suspects: Mao Ra Mek, male, 20 years old, a motorbike taxi driver and Ly Ratha, Male, 49 years old, a motorcycles salesman from Phum Tuol Prasat, Sangkat Poipet City. Police seized around 500g of powder (thought to be methamphetamine, disguised as Chinese tea) a ‘pen’ (*clearly marked US Army- but cannot be sure what it is) and 2 bullets. UPDATE: The weapon has been ID’d by a reader as a rare special ops covert weapon- a King Cobra .22 Magnum M.74 U.S.ARMY

EDIT: Others aren’t so sure

According to the Acting Inspector, at 6:10 pm on the same day, the specialized force arrested another suspect in Prey Prich Village, Poipet City called Rom Chek, male, 40 years old, a salesman, living in Phum Samaki Meanchey,Poipet.

The three suspects and the evidence were handed over to the Poipet City Police Inspectorate’s Anti-Drug Police Force to build a case file for the Provincial Police Commissioner, and the suspects were sent to the Provincial Court for legal action.

In order to encourage the Poipet City Anti-Drug Police Force, Banteay Meanchey Provincial Police Commissioner Major General Sithy Loh also donated 1,000,000 Riels. MCPN

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