Indian COVID Found- Single Imported Case

Phnom Penh: Ms. O Vandin, Secretary of State and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, told the media on the evening of May 11, 2021 that Cambodia has discovered a single new case of the COVID mutation that originated in India (*known as B.1.617 – was first detected in India in October) for the first time. This was on a foreigner who came to Cambodia last month and was detected (*April 25), and the patient was treated by a medical team.

“We found a new strain of virus from India (B1617) on foreigners who arrived in Cambodia last month and during the February 20 community event,” said O’Vandin. “He was also cured by our team of doctors. In particular, a new mutated virus originating from the United Kingdom (B117) has also been found on foreigners entering Cambodia.”

It should be noted that due to the 19 cases of Kovid in India and the new virus in this country is considered by international experts to be more infectious than other variants from South Africa, England and Brazil. The Cambodian government has decided to temporarily suspend flights from India to prevent the spread into Cambodia. KBN

The spokesperson added that 121 cases of COVID-19 UK variant have been found in Cambodia since February 15, 2021.

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