Phnom Penh Booze Ban Extended

Phnom Penh: Authorities have extended the sale of alcohol (first announced on April 10) in the capital for another 14 days.

An notification reads:

“On the resumption of sales of all types of alcohol in Phnom Penh, which measures have contributed significantly to the prevention of COVID spreading in the “February 20 Community Event

”Phnom Penh Capital Administration decided to continue the following guidelines:

  1. All markets, depots, beverage distributors and food and beverage businesses of all kinds must continue to (not sell alcohol) in Phnom Penh for 2 (two) additional weeks from May 9, 2021 to May 22, 2021.
  2. Individuals who continue to sell, distribute and traffic alcohol during prohibition: will be punished as stipulated in the law on the spread of infectious diseases and relevant laws in force.
  3. The administration of the 14 districts and the Department of Commerce of Phnom Penh must cooperate in inspecting the target areas- markets, beverage distribution depot sand food-beverage businesses of all kinds to follow the message of this instruction. In case it is found that the market management, owner of a depot or business owner refuses to cooperate with the instructions- (authorities will) implement administrative measures and legal measures without exception.

Entrepreneurs, citizens and all stakeholders must work together to implement the message of this guide, to be effective and with a high sense of responsibility.

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