Driver Dumps Illegal Chinese Men Near Roadblock

Svay Rieng Province: Six Chinese Men were arrested for interrogation by police, after residents reported them.

The arrests took place at 8:40 pm on May 3, 2021 in Prasot 2 village, Kandeang Reay commune, Svay Teap district. .

According to the police, the Chinese nationals are:

1. Loun Khun, male, 18 years old,
2. Tang Lang, male, 22 years old,
3. Chheng Jintao, male, 18 years old,
4. Tou Chea Ophet male, 18 years old
5. Fang Zhouyi, male, 21 years old
6. Zhang Yicheng, male, 18 years old. All of them reside in China.

The source added that the Chinese people had illegally crossed the border to Cambodia to find work.

Police confirmed that the six Chinese nationals were taken by an unknown driver on National Road No. 1, but saw the police to check the had set up a roadblock. Uncomfortable, the driver dropped the Chinese people off and told them to walk around the fields to the other side.
Local people saw and reported to the police, so the police chased and ambushed near National Road No. 314D in Prasot 01 village, Kanleang Reay commune, Svay Teap district.

Sources said that after a rapid COVID test, the results were negative, and the authorities also sent the Chinese to quarantine in Svay Rieng.

Authorities continue to search for the driver to take legal action. NKD

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