Monks Turn To Growing Produce In COVID Crisis

Prey Veng: Wat Suryavong, also known as Prey Vire, is located in Phnov village, Chrey commune, Kampong Trabek district, Prey Veng province. 

Monks at the wat have been involved in growing vegetables to provide food for themselves and to share with some of the local people during the COVID-19 outbreak. They will participate in the environmental movement by creating a biodiversity garden of vegetables and trees in the pagoda to increase greenery and upkeep the daily livelihood of the monks. 

This movement was born at the behest of Venerable Ind Molly, the Chief Abbot of the pagoda. The pagoda aims to reduce the cost of food for monks as well as to distribute food to people, especially those suffering with the COVID crisis.

Currently, the monks are growing vegetables in the pagoda, including: cucumbers, beans, lettuce, lemongrass and cabbage, using compost made from pure waste. 

During the COVID outbreak, growing vegetables in the pagoda has reduced the expenses because the monks could not go outside the pagoda. They also aim to increase the beauty and attract tourists.

The pagoda has 42 monks and many students at the Buddhist school. FAST NEWS

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