Angry Woman Stabs Neighbor

Kandal: According to police, on Saturday, May 1, 2021, there was a case of intentional violence at a house in the village of Boeung Chonlen, Russey Chroy Commune, Muk Kampoul District, Kandal Province.

The victim was named as Nou Phay, male, 59 years old, a farmer, living in Boeng Chonlen Village, Russey Chroy Commune, Muk Kampoul District, Kandal Province. He suffered knife wounds to his left shoulder, left rib and palm of the right hand.

The arrested suspect was San Kimhong, female, 31 years old also from Boeng Chonlen Village, Russey Chroy Commune, Muk Kampoul District, Kandal Province.

Two knives 11 cm long/ 9.5 cm wide and 22.5 cm long/ 4 cm wide were seized.

The suspect used to use drugs and had a long running argument with the victim. When the victim drank alcohol, he often insulted the suspect, accusing her of using lots of drugs. 

On May 1, 2021, at 3:00 PM, the suspect and her mother had an argument in the house. At that time, the victim was drunk and came round to curse at the suspect, who immediately retaliated. The victim and his son, Phay Phen, and daughter, Phay Bopha, threw stones at the suspect’s house, while the victim walked in and hit the suspect’s water bottle at kicked the suspect.

The woman then took the knives and stabbed the victim once on the left shoulder and once on the left rib.The victim grabbed the knife from the victim, causing a sharp injury to his hand- there was a lot of bleeding

After the incident, at 17:00 on the same day, the child of the victim, Phay Srey Hem, came to file a complaint at the Russey Chroy Administrative Police Station. Police arrived at the scene and brought the suspect, San Kimhong, to the police station for questioning.

In front of the police, the suspect confessed that she used a sharp knife to stab the victim, causing the injuries. The suspect is being held in custody at the police station in Muk Kampul district. POST NEWS

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