COVID Vaccine Statistics Bring Hope To Crisis

Vaccination progress:

Despite COVID infections rising, Cambodia’s vaccination progress is quite impressive, having reached the milestone of 5.5% of the population fully vaccinated ranks Cambodia 3rd highest in Asia, Cambodia ranks behind Maldives with tiny population of 530k and Singapore with population of 5.7M, and is neck and neck with Azerbaijan with a population of 10M. Cambodia has given 13.6 vaccines per 100 people, where it ranks in 6th place, behind Maldives, Singapore, Azerbaijan and also Bhutan (770k population) and Mongolia (3.3M), as you can see Cambodia is the largest of all these countries with its population of 16.5M but it does rank behind other countries for total doses given, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Japan (all with 100M+ population sizes) as well as South Korea (51M). Nepal, Singapore, Pakistan & Cambodia are all between 2-2.2M.

Cambodia’s is clearly focusing on 2nd doses as Cambodia is in the top 10 countries globally in number of fully vaccinated people as a proportion of 1st dosed people at 69%. 22% of first doses have been given to military, and 26% 2nd doses.

Having averaged around 56k vaccinations per day for the last week, the 2nd dose remains the priority, but the 1st dose restarted in the last couple of days.

With India undergoing its worst ever COVID 19 crisis, vaccinations exports of Astra Zeneca /Covishield may be slower than planned, but Cambodia has reportedly secured 7M additional doses scheduled to arrive between now and August.

Assumptions & sources

Ranking in Asia excludes Middle East, non-country territories (Macao etc.) and continent straddling countries (Russia & Turkey)

Vaccines given out per day is sometimes smoothed for the line charts (e.g. if Mon/Tue have no data we divide Wed’s change by 3)

Vaccine data comes from this article in Fresh News & previous iterations of the same daily report, note that the civilian & military vaccination data are reported separately, but the linked article contains both tables.-The table contains breakdowns first by hospitals distributing vaccines then by provinces, but to get PP/Kandal totals, we added data from all hospitals in PP/Kandal and the numbers allocated to PP & Kandal directly which gives around 60% of all vaccinations, for military which isn’t broken down 75% is assumed to be in Phnom Penh/Kandal.

For both civilian & military tables:

-The 3rd column contains 1st doses

-Penultimate column contains 2nd doses

-Ranking of countries comes from Financial Times’ COVID vaccine tracker

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