Senior Monk Slashed In Pursat Pagoda

Pursat:  A violent incident happened on the night of April 26, 2021 at Wat Baksey Chamkrong in O’Baktra village, Prongel commune, Phnom Kravanh district, Pursat province.

The chief abbot of Wat Baksey Chamkrong was attacked with a machete, and slashed under his mouth and on his right forearm, and was sent to the emergency room at Phnom Kravanh District Referral Hospital.

The violence was committed by suspect Chheng Chhay, 38 years old, who used a machete to cut 54-year-old Venerable Tep Och, the Chief Bishop of Wat Baksey Chamkrong, a knife. After the attack, the suspect fled the scene. The motive was presumed to be from a long running resentment by the suspect towards the monk.

At 8:30 on April 27, 2021, the district military police, in cooperation with the district police, conducted a search operation and arrested the suspect along with a weapon.

Deputy Brigadier General said that the suspect (Chheng Chhay) used the long hadled machete to cut the monk at 9:05 pm on April 26, 2021, while other monks were praying on the full moon day (Visak Bochea). The victim required 60 stitches. The suspect then put the weapon into a water jar and escaped overnight.

The suspect and the exhibits were detained at the Phnom Kravanh District Police Inspectorate to complete the procedure to be sent to the Pursat Provincial Court. AREY / NKD

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