Drunk Chinese On Airblade Hits Police Barricade

Sihanoukville: A drunk Chinese man on a motorbike crashed into a barricade that blocked the street in Sihanoukville and continued to flee, but was finally arrested by the authorities at almost 10 pm on the 27th April 2021.

Sources from the authorities said that at around 10 pm on April 27, a Chinese man was riding A black Airblade motorcycle with license plate number Kampot 1J-9756 in an intoxicated state. Arriving at the checkpoint blocking Sihanoukville at the corner of the commercial market, the Chinese man had already violated the authorities travel ban. He crashed into the roadblock and escaped on foot to the Borei Kam Road in front of Casino Napoli- where he was arrested by the police.

The man was handcuffed and taken to the Sihanoukville Inspectorate for legal action. KOHSANTEPHEAP

*CNE did not independently write this article, it was a translation from the given source. For any queries- please contact [email protected]

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