Lockdown Of PP Extended- ‘Yellow Zones’ Introduced

Phnom Penh: Authorities have decided to continue the closure of Phnom Penh and Takhmao for one more week to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The latest measures will last until May 5, 2021. There are also plans to divide the areas into ‘Red Zones’ and ‘Yellow Areas’.  

UPDATE: A press conference outlining the following will be held at 9am on Tuesday April 26.

Article 1: Continue to block the access of Phnom Penh and Takhmao City of Kandal Province for another 7 (seven) days- until May 05, 2021 .

Article 2 defines blocked geography as “red zone” , ” yellow zone (1)EDIT: Amber” and “yellow zone (2)” . *Cannot translate the exact terms

* `Red zone ‘ refers to the areas with high levels of COVID in the community.

* ‘Yellow Ripe’ refers to a geographical area with a moderate prevalence of COVID-19 in the community. (*possibly a bad translation of ‘amber’- it’s a holiday)

* Yellow zone ‘ refers to the geographic spread of lower COVID-19 infections in the community. Businesses will be allowed to operate under certain conditions TBC.

The demarcation of any geographical area in the closed area as “Red Zone” , “Yellow Ripe Area (amber/orange)” or “Yellow Zone” shall be made by the decision of the Governor of the Board of Governors of Phnom Penh and the Governor of the Board of Governors of Kandal Province.


Article 5 of the decision, all types of traffic in the yellow area are allowed to operate normally from 00.00 on April 29, but the curfew at night from 8 pm- 5 am, will continue.

And all kinds of work, business and business activities in the yellow area are also allowed to open normally except public and private schools, entertainment clubs, karaoke, bars, resorts, massage business and so on.

There has been no announcement of what areas will be divided into different zones- an announcement is expected in the following days.

UPDATE: This just in- cannot be verified

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