Chinese Lockdown Breakers Dumped By Driver

Kampong Cham Province:  Five Chinese nationals who snuck out from Phnom Penh by taxi in order to visit friends in Prey Chhor District were arrested by Prey Chhor District Police, Kampong Cham Province. The police are searching for the driver of the taxi to bring him to justice.

Prey Chhor District Inspector Keo Seang Hean said that at 12 noon on April 23, 2021, in front of Hun Sen Prey Toteung High School in Prey Toteung Village, Chrey Vien Commune, Prey Chhor District, Kampong Cham Province, the Immigration Planning Task Force of Prey Chhor District Police Inspectorate arrested 5 Chinese nationals (without passports).

He confirmed that the five above traveled from Phnom Penh by taxi (unknown license plate and color of the car), the owner of the car is a friend and a Chinese national living in Kampong Cham (but they not know the name). The missing driver was the one who arranged to leave Phnom Penh on the morning of April 23 and arrived at Prey Toteung Market at 9 am to go shopping for food. After that, the taxi and driver vanished, so all 5 of them came to rest at Hun Sen Prey Toteung High School. They said their purpose was to visit friends who are also Chinese people living in Kampong Cham province.

The police force of Kampong Cham Provincial Police will search for the missing car and follow legal procedures as authorities work to prevent the spread ofCOVID-19.

After the arrest and interrogation, the district authorities, in cooperation with the medical team, tested the Chinese, with negative results and sent them to the Provincial Teacher Training College in Kampong Cham province to implement health measures and quarantine. NKD

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One thought on “Chinese Lockdown Breakers Dumped By Driver

  • April 25, 2021 at 3:40 pm

    I can understand that some people , Chinese or other Nationalities want to move … perhaps to saver places or where they know someone with whom they can communicate. Smuggeling people around the country during the current pandemic however is a situation where we all have to obey the law and rules in oder to prevent a catastrophy unlike the one that just happens in India. The Cambodian Gov. has for now handeled the Pandemic very well and the Restrictions in Place are more than justified. Will they work ? That depends on everyone in the Country. The next risk from outside Cambodia’s Borders are the Spring and Summer Holidays when people will travel again in masses; providing they can. Even the Chinese Government is worried about it’s own pretty well controlled situation:


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