‘Red Zone’ Set Up In Sangkat 4, Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville: The Sihanoukville Administration has decided to put Sangkat 4 under a ‘Red Zone’ to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The closure will initially be for 14 days.

“Geographical location: Village 1, Village 3, Village 4, Village 5 of Sangkat 4, Sihanoukville, Preah Sihanouk Province.
With the severe outbreak of COVID-19 designated as a “red zone” in order to ensure the effectiveness of implementation
Decision No. 116/21 Pillar dated 22 April 2021 of Preah Sihanouk Provincial Administration”

Article 2-
Individuals or legal entities located in the “Red Zone” shall apply the following restrictive measures:

Everyone is prohibited from leaving their current home or residence, including:
No sports activities outside of the residence, or its lodge except for (canoeing?)
Urgent health reasons and trips to health officials to get samples for COVID 19 or the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine at the nearest location in the “Red Zone” as determined and with the permission of the competent authority.
Markets and places to sell food and groceries, as well as activities, occupations and businesses in Red Zone shall be temporarily suspended except for the following work activities which are permitted to operate normally:

(1) Fire service (2) Power supply service (3) Water supply service (4) Emergency and health services, both state and private, including pharmacies (5) Location Production and supply of alcohol and oxygen (6) Production and supply of noodles (7) Gas sales (8) Government food supply and emergency services (9) Medicines and equipment supply (10) Garbage collection and transportation services – solid waste

It is strictly forbidden to travel in or out of this red area, except: (1) Travel of civil servants and all types of armed forces competent to implement measures by attaching a mission order (2) Travel related to distribution activities of emergency aid organized by the Provincial Administrative Unity Command with ID card and mission order issued by the Provincial Administrative Unity Command (3) Public and private health workers, including pharmacies, with a permit issued by
health institutions (4) Travel of officials and fire service personnel (5) Travel of officials and staff of the Electricity Supply, Water Supply and Food Supply Service of the State in connection with the letter of the mission (6) Travel of officers and staff to enter and exit the strategic warehouse location of the State in conjunction with the mission order (7) Travel of officials and staff of the emergency services, both public and private, with a permit issued by the health institution (8) Travel of employees of noodle production and supply location with travel permit of Provincial Administrative Unity Command (9) Travel of staff of the production and supply of alcohol and oxygen with a permit from Provincial Administrative Unity Command and (10) Trip of Gas Sales and Distribution Staff with a travel permit of the Provincial Administrative Unity Command.

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