7 Vietnamese Escaping Sihanoukville Caught In Kep

Kep: On the evening of April 21, 2021, joint forces at the checkpoint in Kep province on National Road 33 at the Kampot-Kep border arrested 7 Vietnamese nationals (5 females) and a Cambodian man. They were traveling from Sihanoukville aiming to cross into Vietnam.

After the arrest, the Vietnamese nationals were taken to Kep Provincial Police and handed over to the Provincial Health Department, and sent to the Quarantine Centerwaiting for samples to be analyzed. The case was sent to court for further action.

The Governor of Kep Province reminded and instructed the police to continue to tighten the regulations, and asked for the cooperation of the people to stay in their permitted areas. He added that those who do not follow the rules will find they can not escape from the law enforcement, and face the implementation of legal measures and health measures as well. POST NEWS

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