Cops Will Cane Lockdown Breakers

Phnom Penh: Colonel San Sok Seiha, spokesman for the Phnom Penh Municipal Commission, said this afternoon that from now on, the authorities will use ‘Hot Dharma’ (*will translate this as ‘tough education’) for the people living in the Red Zones or vulnerable areas who violate the prohibitions and laws of the Royal Government during the lockdown.

Social media, including Facebook, recently showed images and videos of authorities on the streets chasing and beating people with canes who do not obey the government’s ban. Others show the authorities whipping people who go out without proper permission on the streets, at checkpoints and while riding motorcycles.

Colonel San Sok Seiha continued, “Most importantly, the people living in the red and vulnerable areas, which has spread COVID…. We must use hot dharma to help prevent infection…. if he continues to disobey government prohibitions and laws.”

He added that there are three measures to be taken: first, police will give the offender a whack or two with the cane to move them on. The second time offender will face a fine and the third offence could see a case sent to court.

Colonel San Sok Seiha added that, however, for areas that are not at high risk, the authorities are always understanding and will give education, but still follow the administrative measures of the government, if the person continues to violate the ban and the law. KPT

UPDATE: Mr. Khuong Sreng, Governor of Phnom Penh, speaking to Fresh News on the afternoon of April 21, 2021, confirmed that beatings by the police force to drive people into the house is just, and compared it to parents or guardians disciplining their own children.

*CNE did not independently write this article, it was a translation from the given source. For any queries- please contact¬†[email protected]

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