Drunk Shoots Man In Knee & Flees

Kampong Cham province: The former owner of a cockfighting ring in Stung Trang district used a pistol to shoot at a drinking party, injuring a man before escaping.

According to reports from residents, the perpetrator (former owner of the arena) who was drunk, used a Macrolo (*unsure what this is, possibly a gas gun) pistol.

The incident caused an injury to a man in his right leg in O’Mlou commune, Stung Trang district, Kampong Cham province, which occurred a few days ago.

As of the afternoon of April 18, 2021, the police have not yet arrested the perpetrators. According to local authorities, the case of intentional violence was aggravated (shooting with a handgun caused injuries) on April 16, 2021 at 4:30 pm at Koh Sva point in Bit Thnou village, O commune Mlou, Stung Trang District, Kampong Cham Province.

The suspect named Eng Sovannaran, male, 34 years old, living in O’Mlou, Stung Trang district, was drunk and fired at at the victim named Elya, male, 38 years old, a Khmer-Muslim. One bullet hit the victim in his right knee. The source added that after shooting at the victim, the assailant, armed with the handgun, escaped.

The injured man’s friends took him to Kampong Cham Provincial Hospital to be treated by doctors, and he later returned home with no serious injuries. After the incident, the administrative police force, in cooperation with the district criminal experts, investigated the scene and sought to arrest the perpetrators.

The local police force has built a case and sent it to the Kampong Cham Provincial Police for further investigation and will seek to arrest the perpetrator to be punished according to legal procedures. MCPN

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