Snatchers Caught After Lockdown Street Robbery

Phnom Penh: Two suspects attempted to snatch a handbag from a woman while the victim was riding a motorcycle to the market to buy supplies. The thieves tried to drive a motorcycle to escape but were not careful and collided with authorities blocking the road and were arrested and handed over to the Po Sen Chey district police force for questioning.

This incident happened at 1:10 pm on April 16, 2021 near Wat Tangkasang, Kbal Damrey I village, Sangkat Kakap I, Khan Por Senchey, Phnom Penh.

The first suspect was named as Reth David, male, 18 years old, unspecified occupation, living in Sangkat Kakap I, Khan Po Sen Chey, and the second Saran Sakki, male, 18 years old, unspecified occupation, living in Phum Dey Thmey, Sangkat Kork Khleang, Sen Sok. A yellow Suzuki Kinix with license plate number 1W-6630 was seized.

The victim, Chhun Leang, 41, is a housewife living in the village.

According to the source, before the incident, the victim rode a motorcycle out of the house in order to go to the market to buy materials at the market. The two suspects on a motorcycle approached and snatched the bag- with $200 in her purse and a cell phone- from the victim, which was placed on the left side of the motorcycle. After which the suspects fled on a motorcycle and the woman shouted at the police.

According to the confessions of the two suspects, they said that they had committed the crime and had previously done robberies twice; the first time around Dei Huy market, the second time around Wat Ang Then. The reason, they said, was because they ran out of money to buy food.

The suspects are now about to be sent to court to deal with the procedure. POST NEWS

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