Weekly Weather- Wet & Windy

Phnom Penh: Please continue to be careful of thunder, lightning and strong winds that can occur frequently, especially in the provinces in the central lowland areas. 

This is according to the announcement on the weather conditions from 14-20 April 2021, made by the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology on the morning of 13 April 2021.

A valley of low pressure with southeasterly winds is bringing moisture from the South China Sea.

This situation will cause:
1. Provinces in the central lowlands:
Minimum temperature 24-26 ° C – Maximum temperature 32-34 ° C, there will be scattered to moderate rain. Also some parts of the southern and northwestern provinces may receive heavy rainfall.

2-Provinces along the Dangrek Mountains and the Northeast Plateau:

– Minimum temperature 24-26 ° C

– Maximum temperature from 32-34 ° C

There will be light to moderate rain.

3-Coastal areas:

– Minimum temperature is 24-26 ° C – Maximum temperature 31-33 ° C
– Moderate to heavy rain is possible.


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