Webinar Tonight On Interpreting Cambodia’s COVID Stats

UPDATE: For those who missed this, the recorded version will be made available soon.

Regular CNE collaborator and all-round stats man David Benaim is doing a free webinar at 8.30 this evening local time. He will answer questions such as:

 How does Cambodia’s current outbreak compare to other countries?

What are the trends showing?

Which are the high-risk COVID areas?

Where is best to go for news & updates?

What is R0 and how does it affect the situation? As Phnom Penh’s curfew continues, David will run through some compelling statistics which portray the outbreak in a unique way.

David Benaim (data expert & Excel guru) has been publishing COVID dashboards daily for six weeks & contributes to CNE’s daily COVID summary reports. David runs seminars & webinars globally, which he presented over 30 times in 2020.

Join through Teams (never used Teams, you may join through a browser no need to install anything for a computer (but download the free Teams app if joining via mobile). David Benaim will be giving a webinar at 8:30PM this evening


Facebook event link: Facebook

2 thoughts on “Webinar Tonight On Interpreting Cambodia’s COVID Stats

  • April 12, 2021 at 2:30 pm

    Right. And it has to be a non-local know-it-all wannabe-expert stats analyst of course.
    You can tell from the picture alone (stiff upper lip) that he will stiff up his so-called “analysis”. Can’t be more dodgy. Over-embellishes his Linkedin but based in Cambodia as opposed to a country where his claimed excellence and expertise should be a major ace.

    • April 12, 2021 at 3:53 pm

      Comment is bad, English is bad.


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