Battambang City Markets Closed For 7 Days

Battambang Province: Mr. Nguon Rattanak, Governor of Battambang Province, decided to temporarily close the inside trading in 8 markets in Battambang City for 7 days from 14 to 20 April 2021 to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during the New Year.

The 8 markets in Battambang that were temporarily closed are:

– 1st: Battambang Central Market (Cloth Market)
– 2nd: Boeung Chhouk Market
– 3rd: 13 Makara Market
– 4th: Apsar Market, Phsar Leu
– 5th: Other Theater (?)
– 6th: Wat Leap Market
– 7th: Po Vong Market
– 8th: Phu Puy Shopping Mall.

According to the provincial administrative letter, the eight market locations are allowed to sell in some areas outside the market, with items such as vegetables, fish, meat, food, which are a daily necessity, but with implementing health measures to maintain safety gaps, wearing masks and sanitizing. NKD

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