Weekly Weather: Storm Warnings

The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology on April 6, 2021 announced the weather conditions from April 7-13. Cambodia will be affected by a low pressure valley from India and the southeasterly winds from the South China Sea.

Provinces in the central lowlands will see minimum temperatures of 24-26 ° C, and maximum temperatures of 33-35 ° C, with moderate rain, which may become heavy in some areas.

Provinces along the Dangrek Mountains and the Northeast Plateau will have minimum temperatures of 24-26 ° C and maximum temperatures of 34-36° C, and there will be light to moderate rain.

Coastal areas will see minimum temperatures of 24-26° C, and maximum temperatures of 32-34 ° C, with moderate to heavy rainfall.

In the above announcement the Ministry also called for caution against thunder, lightning and possible strong winds- especially in the northwestern provinces.


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