Man Arrested Over Boy’s Murder

Phnom Penh: A man has been arrested over the murder of a 10 year old boy in Chbar Ampov.

The suspect has been named as Un Phamon, male, 30 years old, Khmer, unemployed, living in Chroy Ampil village, Sangkat Kbal Koh, Khan Chbar Ampov.

Phnom Penh Municipal Police arrested the suspect for the murder of Chea Phen Heng, 10 years old from Phum Chroy Ampil, Sangkat Kbal Koh Chbar Ampov district. They were related (*either cousins or uncle/nephew)

The suspect reportedly confessed that he and the victim were riding a white MSX motorcycle with license plate Phnom Penh 1 FJ- 8384 from Wat Chroy Ampil to eat meatballs. While riding on the road, the victim hit the suspect on the head with his hand and the suspect told him not to do it again. The victim hit the suspect on the head again, making the suspect angry. At the murder scene, the suspect hit the victim twice, and the boy fell to the ground, causing his death, and the suspect fled on a motorcycle back home.

On April 6, 2021, at 11:00 AM, Chbar Ampov District Police, in cooperation with the Phnom Penh Bureau of Serious Crimes and the Criminal Department of the Ministry of Interior, arrested the suspect and seized the motorbike. The man was sent to Chbar Ampov District Police Inspectorate for legal proceedings. AREY

A statement from CPU reads:

“As a result of exhaustive investigations from Joint Task Force Charlie21 comprising members from Phnom Police Command, Phnom Penh Crime Scene, Ministry of Interior Office of Serious Crime CID, Chabar Ampol Administration Police Command, Ministry of Interior Scientific Command and the CPU, a 31-year-old male has been arrested and is to be charged with the MURDER of a 10 yr old boy who was reported missing on the 1st of April 2021.

I want to personally thank ALL members of the Joint Task Force who worked tirelessly to solve this crime. I know that all members worked 24hrs a day to solve this brutal murder and left no stone unturned, to find this offender who has since confessed to the crime.All members worked in a professional committed and diligent manner and gathered all available evidence to ensure an arrest and a confession from the offender. The offender has made a full re-enactment.Fantastic teamwork and an amazing result.”

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