Search & Destroy: Mondulkiri Marijuana Mission

Mondulkiri: According to the Ministry of Interior’s, under the direction of Major General Lor Sokha, Provincial Police Commissioner, an operation was launched for the suppression of all drug crimes throughout Mondulkiri Province.

On Sunday, April 4, 2021, at 10:30 AM, the Anti-Drug Bureau’s specialized force cooperated with the forces of Sen Monorom City Police Inspectorate and Oreang District Police Inspectorate cracked down on a case of cannabis cultivation at the site of Meb. Oeun farmed near the mouth of O Te village in Pu Hyam village, Sen Monorom commune, O Reang district, Mondulkiri province. The suspect, who owns the plantation, escaped.

384 kilograms of marijuana were seized and some small marijuana seedlings that had just been planted were destroyed on the spot.

In this case, the Anti-Drug Bureau forces took the evidence to keep at the Mondulkiri Provincial Police and will search for the plantation owner to be punished according to legal procedures. POST NEWS

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