Pailin Man Seriously Injured In UXO Explosion

Pailin Province: A man driving a tractor plowing hit a buried UXO, seriously injuring the driver who was sent to the Pailin Provincial Referral Hospital, and later Battambang Provincial Hospital. 

The explosion occurred at 9:00 AM on April 3, 2021 near Orussey Krom village, Sala Krao commune, Sala Krao district, Pailin province.

Mr. Keo Pov, Director of Education and Coordination of Mine and Unexploded Ordnance in Pailin Province, the victim was Born Samith, alias Khlum, male, 26 years old. The owner of the land is Sak Sodeth, who often rents a tractor to plow the land to grow red corn and cassava and for many years there was no problem. 

He added that after the victim was injured, he was immediately sent to Pailin Provincial Referral Hospital, but because he was in a serious condition, he was sent to Battambang Provincial Hospital- he was reportedly blinded in one eye and had body injuries. The land in the area has not been searched for landmines or unexploded ordnance, but people had been plowing and growing cassava there for more than 20 years, and there has never been an explosion.

Mr. Keo Pov will ask for forces to search for mines in the area to prevent such accidents from happening again.

As for the people living in the above village, they said that the above plantation land has never been cleared by any group of demining units since the end of the war. They have been plowing for many years and there has never been an explosion. 

In connection with the explosion of mines in such plantations, it really makes them very concerned for safety, as the ground is softened by the rain, the tractor plows up and down, bringing UXOs closer to the surface.

However, after the incident, Mrs. Ban Sreymom, Pailin governor and chairman of the Committee of Red Cross branch Pailin sent $ 3,000 to the injured Mr. Born Samith. NKD

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