Battambang Man Accused Of Wife’s Booby Trap Murder

Battambang: A husband is accused of laying live electrical wires in his house to kill his wife, leaving two daughters motherless.

The victim died after stepping on a power line that the husband had set up in the house to take his wife’s life- supposed because of jealousy. According to the report of the local authorities, the incident happened at around 3 pm on April 3, 2021, near the Neak Bridge in Bao Po village, O’Dambang 1 commune, Sangke district, Battambang province.

According to the report, the husband, Pich Theareth, 31, and his wife, Chea Chanrachna, 30, lived in the same commune and had two daughters. In the past, they always argued and the wife had complained to the commune authorities and at the police station. Eventually, the wife asked for a divorce.

After his arrest, in front of the police, the husband admitted that he had indeed deployed electrical wires in the house during the day, but this installation was only to protect against thieves. He claimed his wife accidentally walked on the electric wire and died from a massive electric shock.

In the evening of the same day, the police sent the husband to the Sangke District Police Inspectorate for further questioning, while the wife’s body was examined by the provincial forensic experts and then handed over to relatives for the traditional ceremony. MCPN (WARNING- crime scene images in link).

UPDATE: According to KPT after confessing, at 8:45 pm on April 3, 2021, the suspect was anxious and the police sent him to the provincial hospital where he also died of a heart attack.

Sangke district police chief Sun Sovann confirmed that the suspect was a drug user who had been called by police in the past. The couple’s two daughters are now orphaned.

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