Prize Fight! Ganzberg Beer Win Leads To Bitter Dispute

Phnom Penh: A very surprising and outrageous story has come out after a sad man decided to file a lawsuit against his drinking buddy who took a winning ring pull and “big prize” from Ganzberg during a booze session.

Plaintiff, Dul Den, Male, 34 years old, has filed a complaint for breach of trust against Sim Son, 38 years old, a security guard living in Phum Thmey, Sangkat Krong Takhmao.

According to the plaintiff, at around 9 am on March 28, 2021, he gave his wife, Chhim Phea, 12 winning can ring pulls of GANZBERG beer to exchange for some fresh tins. He also called Son to have a drink and chat with him and his wife.

During the session, Sim Son cracked a can of beer and suddenly shouted, “It’s a big prize !!” He had won a Ford car. He then offered the friendly buyer of the booze $1000, as a thank you. This did not sit well with the hosts.

Sim Son then escaped with the winning prize pull and can. His friend has tried to call him, but Sim Son will not pick up the phone.

Dul Den, thinking that because he bought the beer, he should get the prize, or at least do a split, decided to file a complaint at the police station. The Takhmao administration went to ask Sim Son to come to a settlement but did not succeed.

The plaintiff then wrote a letter requesting the intervention of GANZBERG to suspend the prize giving to Sim Son because they have to settle the matter first. CEN

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