Bokator Star Sam Tharoth In Hollywood Movie With J-Lo

Phnom Penh: Surprise after Khmer bokator star and actress, Miss Sam Tharoth, announced her appearance in a huge Hollywood movie, “Shotgun Wedding”, in which she will be performing martial arts alongside many world-class stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Armie Hammer and Josh Duhamel.

Shotgun Wedding is a Hollywood movie that tells the story of a couple getting married and being captured by a band of thieves. In the process of rescuing the family, they rediscovered the real cause. The film is directed by Jason Moore and written by Mark Hamme. 

Sam Tharoth is the daughter of the poet Oum Dara and was one of the first Cambodian women to re-practice bokator after the martial art almost disappeared during the Khmer Rouge era. She also starred in the documentary: “Surviving Bokator” and acted in a number of films in Cambodia, including “Jail Break” and “First They Kill My Father” by Angelina Jolie. She is the pride of Cambodia.

The actress revealed that the film started production a few days ago. She confirmed that last Friday, she had just started shooting one of the big scenes and that she was really excited. What made her even more excited was that she was praised by the film crew. She said that the first scene was a fight that she did not have much difficulty, although bruised in some places, which is normal, and she was happy that the producers and the team praised her performance. She considers this to be a special platform to showcase Khmer art and Khmer martial arts.


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