Tackling Termite Damage Angkor Park Temples

Siem Reap: Ms. Neth Simon, Conservation Officer of the Department of Preservation of Temples in Angkor Park and Archeology, said that termites have damaged areas around the temples.

This is according to the publication from the Apsara National Authority. Ms. Net Simon said that this factor eventually leads to holes under the soil. During the rainy season, water flows into the holes, causing the foundations of the temple to collapse and the rocks to begin to fall and parts to collapse.

In addition, termites destroyed some of the materials used in the temple, such wood used to shore up the stonework, staircases, and wooden sheds. Termites are also damaging trees which grow around the temples, causing some to become rotten and collapse.

In response to the termite infestation, the Department has instructed travel agencies working in the temples to pay attention to regular maintenance, and has began cleaning various wooden facilities, and getting rid of termites. Hundreds of wooden pieces are being painted and authorities are monitoring wood and other holes where termites are gathering to and using pesticides.

According to the source, in addition to the weather and the age of the constructions, termites are also a problem that poses a serious risk to the temples and some other wooden parts used for conservation work in the park. SWIFT

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