Chinese Detained After Koh Pich Gunshot

Phnom Penh: At least one gunshot was fired around Koh Pich, leading to law enforcement arresting two Chinese men in a car who were sent to Chamkar Mon District Police Inspectorate at 9:10 pm on March 28, 2021.

A black ALPHARDcar with license plate Phnom Penh 2AN-1333 was being driven near the night market, with the driver seemingly very drunk. A weapon was fired, startling residents and security guards nearby, who immediately reported the incident to authorities. The Chinese perpetrator continued to drive the car in the area of ​​Koh Pich Hei and began to fight with security guards.

Two Chinese were arrested and taken to Chamkar Mon District Police Inspectorate for questioning and processing. The shooting did not cause any injuries, and the motives behind the incident are not yet known. NKD / POST NEWS

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