UPDATE: Death In Sihanoukville Not COVID Related

A women died at the Sihanoukville Provincial Referral Hospital from issues related to COVID 19, according to Ms. Youk Sambath, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health, on the morning of March 27. EDIT: Later reported as not COVID related.

The victim was a 43-year-old Cambodian woman named Pen Sinon from Sihanoukville who was treated at the Sihanoukville Referral Hospital. Doctors took samples from her on the night of March 26, 2021, and the results were positive.

Ms. Youk Sambath confirmed that the patient who died due to severe bleeding in the stomach and hemorrhage, plus COVID-19 complications. The patient’s condition was very serious, doctors could not save her. KPT

An official statement from the Ministry of Health is expected later.

UPDATE: According to the Ministry and doctors, the 43-year-old Cambodian woman died of a sudden blood clot, not from COVID-19.

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