Takeo GRK Led To Woman’s House & 5.5 Kilo Drug Bust

Takeo: At 10:20 pm on March 22, 2021, Royal Gendarmerie forces cracked down on drug trafficking in Pech Changva village, Boeung Tranh Khang Cheung commune, Samrong district, Takeo province.

A suspect named Cham Kim Srun, male, 27 years old, living at the scene was found with substance suspected of being drugs weighing 25.91 grams

The suspect confessed that he was a drug transporter, working for a woman in Prey Pring Khang Cheung 2 village, Sangkat Choam Chao 3, Khan Por Senchey, Phnom Penh.

With the permission of Mr. Chiv Chandara, Prosecutor of Takeo Provincial Court, the jurisdiction was extended to Phnom Penh under the joint command of Takeo Provincial Armed Forces, the Anti-Drug Office of the National Gendarmerie, the Anti-Drug Office of the Royal Gendarmerie of Phnom Penh, and the Phnom Penh Municipal Court.

Forces arrested another suspect named Heng Chroep, female, 31 years old, living in a rented house in Prey Tea 1 village, Sangkat Choam Chao 3, Khan Por Senchey, Phnom Penh, and proceeded to search the rented house at 15.40.

Inside were 5 large bags and 5 smaller packages of methamphetamine with a weight 5498.82 grams.
2 motorbike license plates and 6 car license plates (2 for each car).

The suspect admitted that the evidence belonged to her as experts conducted a preliminary test in front of the her.

Currently, the suspect, together with the evidence, is being held by the Takeo Provincial Military Office, who will continue with the proceedings. POSTNEWS

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