CMAC Training COVID Sniffer Dogs

Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Health and CMAC have been assigned the task to develop a research and training program for dogs to sniff out coronavirus carriers. Heng Ratana, CEO of CMAC says this is now in progress.

He stated, “On March 24, 2021, I inspected the work of dogs at the Mine Technical Institute of Kampong Chhnang Province… To prepare for research and technical development, dogs to sniff out coronavirus carriers (COVID-19).”

He added that based on more than 22 years of experience, the team of dog technicians of CMAC are confident to be able to train dogs in Cambodia to sniff out coronavirus carriers.

CMAC is preparing dogs, training documents, organizing training sites and specialists for this research work, and ready to cooperate with medical scientists of the Ministry of Health.

He stated, “I have discussed this work with Professor Mam Bunheng, Minister of Health, who assigned the University of Health Sciences to implement (the project) directly with the CMAC unit.

Some countries such as Germany, Finland, Australia, Russia, etc. have already been using dogs to help sniff out people infected with the virus *and also in the past few weeks Thailand.


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