Weekly Weather- High Chance Of Storms

Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology say that from March 24 to 30, some areas of Cambodia will see moderate to heavy rain and thunderstorms.

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Water Resources, released on March 23, from March 24-30, the northeast will be influenced by the Pacific high pressure and the southwest is influenced by the Indonesian low pressure valley. March 28-30, 2021 will see the affects of these pressure levels

Provinces in the central lowlands:

Minimum temperature of 25-28 degrees Celsius and a maximum temperature of 34-37.

Light to moderate showers and thunderstorms in some areas.

In the provinces of Dangrek Mountains and Northeastern highlands:

Minimum temperature of 25-28 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature is 34-37.

There will be light rain, thunder and lightning.

Coastal areas:

Minimum temperatures of 24-27 degrees Celsius Maximum temperatures of 30-33 degrees Celsius Light to moderate thunderstorms and rain.

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