EDIT: 58 Changed To 48 New COVID Cases Announced

EDIT: The MoH has later altered the press release from this morning by 10 cases. The 10 were added by ‘technical error’ to Kandal.

Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Health issued the daily press release on the morning of 21 March 2021, confirming the discovery of 58 new cases of COVID-19. 15 cases were treated and the patients discharged.

Of the new cases, 57 (*now 47) were linked to Feb. 20 community event. This brings the total from the local outbreak to around 1172 (*now 1162) (sources vary). Two deaths related to COVID were recorded on Friday, raising the total to three.

1 imported case (1 Chinese arriving in Cambodia on March 19)

Phnom Penh: 37 cases ( 37 Cambodian), Kandal: 17 cases (15 Chinese & 2 Cambodian* now 7 cases- revised to (5 Chinese & 2 Cambodian), Sihanoukville: 2 cases (2 Chinese) -Siem Reap: 1 case (1 Cambodian).

The imported case was a 31-year-old Chinese female who flew from China via South Korea.

The 15 discharged cases were all related to the February 20 incident; 12 Chinese, 2 Vietnamese, and 1 Cambodian. 

The country has now detected total of 1,690 (*1680) cases, treated a total of 950 cases, and had confirmed 3 deaths.

UPDATES & graphics to follow.

SOURCE: MoH, Cambodia CDC’s Facebook Page and analysis by David Benaim of Xlconsulting

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