Mr. B’s Temple O’ The Week: Phnea Kol

Mr. Bee-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop (our resident Scatman) is still out there hunting down the ruins and doing his commentary over the top of some camera work.

This week he’s about 75 km from Siem Reap town to take a look at a Hindu temple from the 11th – 12th century

Not much literature is available about the Phnea Kol Temple. The Phnea Kol Temple, the larger and more magnificent of two temples, is only 500m west of the Rong Damrei Temple. Phnea Kol can be rated as a prime example of a medium-sized Angkorian temple. Remains of buildings and a lot of loose stone material can already be found in the area, namely to the south and north of the moat. These are reliable indications of a previously existing outer wall with possible entrances. If only two buildings could be confirmed, their position would be almost unique and their purpose difficult to interpret. More of the northern building stock outside the trench has been preserved. The moat measures about 150m x 200m. (According to this blog in German)

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