Foreigner Dies In Siem Reap Traffic Incident- Linked To PP Wat Death

Siem Reap: At 6:00 in the morning on March 19, 2021, on National Road No. 63, Vihear Chen village, Svay Dangkum commune, Siem Reap city, there was a traffic accident which caused the death of a foreign male. The victim was referred to Siem Reap Provincial Referral Hospital.

The unidentified victim was riding a blue Today motorcycle with license plate Siem Reap 1AC-0338, the other motorcyclist involved in the accident escaped.

Currently, the competent authorities are searching for the identities of the victim and perpetrator.

Based on the research of the experts and doctors from the court, it was concluded that the victim died from a skull fracture (caused by the traffic accident).

After checking and making notes, the competent authorities sent the bodies of the victims to be temporarily stored at Wat Teuk Thla, Phnom Penh, to wait for the decision from the family and the embassy. (POLICE)

This appears to be linked to another case, where a woman died at Wat Teuk Thla, Phnom Penh. Another foreign man was reported to have been waiting for a body to arrive that had been sent from Siem Reap (*no doubt the same case). After waiting outside for the ambulance to arrive for some time, the monks in the pagoda asked the victim, a 33-year-old woman named Dani, who lived in Wat Teuk Thla and worked at the crematorium to close the gate. The gate fell and killed her.

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