Prius Rear Ends Ice Truck And Flips

Phnom Penh: Two men in a Prius at high speed hit the rear of an ice truck and flipped the car at 5:30am on March 19, 2021, along Chea Sophara Street in front of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport in Sangkat Chrang Chamroe 2 Khan Russey Keo.

According to eyewitnesses, before the incident, two men were seen in the 2010 Prius with license plate Phnom Penh 2BA0495 driving along Chea Sophara Road in a south-to-north direction at very high speeds. The car hit the rear of a truck carrying ice, causing that vehicle to crash into a concrete divider and break.

The Prius continued for around 20 to 30 meters as it flipped upside down, injuring the two people inside.

The men were taken to hospital and both vehicles impounded for further investigation. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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