Anlong Veng Plans Khmer Rouge Genocide Memorial Site

Oddar Meanchey: Based on the views and recommendations of world-class design experts, Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam) plans to build a new memorial site in Anlong Veng.

Through discussions with design experts, DC-Cam will build structures around the site where Pol Pot was cremated in 1998. The structures will be built with a palm-shaped roof. The concept of the palm tree embodies many meanings. The Khmer Rouge used palm trees to slay innocent victims, so their use can symbolize the brutal killings of Cambodians who once lived under the Pol Pot regime. Corpses were often covered with palm fronds, so the use of palm trees on this site is an expression of shame.

The purpose of restoring this site is to ensure that Pol Pot’s name remains forever associated with the “Killing Fields Regime” in Cambodia. Anlong Veng was the site of the Khmer Rouge’s last struggle before surrendering to the Royal Government of Cambodia. Anlong Veng is an important historical site of the win-win policy in Cambodia’s long struggle to achieve military and political peace. KPT

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