UPDATE: Reports Of Young Child Beheaded In Kampong Speu

Kampong Speu: According to several local news sites (including CEN, AREY, POST NEWS, etc.), at 2:50 pm on March 14, 2021, in Ampil Paem village, Roleang Chak commune, Samrong Tong district, Kampong Speu province, a man with a mental disabilityused a knife to cut off a child’s head, causing his death on the spot. The incident occurred at this time, the police arrived at the siege site to arrest the suspect.

According to this VIDEO from CEN the victim was 1 years old.

UPDATE: Ieng Rado, a 46-year-old man, was apprehended by police, who needed a fire truck and a smoke bomb, according to the Kampong Speu Provincial Police Bureau of Serious Crimes. The perpetrator then set fire to the house and tried to kill himself later.

Police confirmed that the victim, Phuong Sonan, a one-year-old boy, was killed while playing in front of his house.

Police said that after killing the victim, the perpetrator ran into the house with a machete, locked the door, set the house on fire .

Immediately after the incident, Mr. Sor Soputra, Deputy Governor of Kampong Speu Province, and Major General Sam Samoun, Provincial Police Commissioner of Kampong Speu Province, led the operation to use fire trucks, fire extinguishers and smoke bombs to arrest the perpetrators.

Currently, the perpetrators have been sent to the provincial police commissioner for questioning and to build a case for legal action. KPT

UPDATE: Statement from Child Protection Unit:

At about 2:50 pm on the 14th of March, in Ampil Paem Village, Samrong Tong District in Kampong Speu Province, a 14th month old child was playing with a group of children near his grandmother’s home when he was approached by a male and viciously attacked with a long bladed weapon, the child sustained horrific injuries and died at the scene.

On hearing screams the child’s grandmother ran to her grandson and with the assistance of other children present tried to drag the child away however the offender continued his attack striking the grandmother as well. The suspect then fled and barricaded himself in a nearby premises.

Police and CPU were notified and attended the scene. Special Forces police also attended and eventually gained access to the premises after the suspect had set the premises on fire. A 41yr old male who was suffering from self-inflected knife injuries to his neck was arrested at the scene.

The male was transported to a local hospital and remains under police guard.

The Homicide Investigation Team (HIT) and Forensic Services Unit are assisting members of Kompong Speu Police Command in the Murder investigation.This was a senseless brutal attack on an innocent child witnessed by other children there are no words to describe this event. RIP little one there are simply no words.

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