Vaccines: Message From British Embassy

The BRITISH EMBASSY IN CAMBODIA has just released the following message on Facebook:

We know the recent outbreak and conflicting information on procedures is causing concern for many British nationals residing in Cambodia. The rollout of vaccines is being managed by the Royal Government of Cambodia. The Ministry of Health ( remains the primary source of up to date information. We are in contact with the Government and have requested answers to many of the questions raised so far.The Royal Government of Cambodia has announced that all foreign nationals residing and working in Cambodia can be vaccinated against #COVID19 at no cost and that vaccination is voluntary.

We have recommended British Nationals register on the website The site is currently only in Khmer but we understand a translated version is due to be released. We have provided an unofficial translation on our Facebook page. Many people have found getting a Cambodian colleague or friend to assist will save them time.The British Embassy (like other Embassies) has not been asked to provide forms or letters to British Nationals for them to receive the vaccine, although some hospitals have incorrectly asked for this. On 6th March, the Ministry of Health released a statement clarifying some elements of the rollout.

We have asked for further clarification on procedures for foreign nationals, but have in the meantime attached an unofficial translation. At present, the focus of the rollout is on those over 60 and/or part of a prioritised group (medical personnel, police, civil servants, demining personnel, local authority and waste collectors).

According to the Press Release those under 60, and not in the priority groups should wait for further information. The Press release also details hospitals that can be visited by those in the priority groups.We know that many people are anxious to get vaccinated as soon as possible. The rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations around the world will take time and we urge patience in dealing with local hospital staff who are under a lot of pressure. Please keep sending us your questions, in order that we may continue to seek more information from the Government.

One thought on “Vaccines: Message From British Embassy

  • August 11, 2021 at 12:37 pm

    The British Embassy still has in incomplete picture where “even” brits can be vaccinated. Kampot where many british Expats live isn’t even mentioned. Most Expats in Kampot (those willing to take the jab) already had at least 1 jab with the second one due in the next 2-3 weeks (mostly Sinopharm).


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