5 Chinese Caught Illegally Crossing From Vietnam

Takeo: On the morning of March 12, 2021, the Takeo Provincial Armed Forces arrested 5 Chinese nationals and 2 Cambodian motodup drivers as they were being smuggled across the border from Vietnam to Cambodia in Chrey Kork Por village, Kork Por commune, Borey Chulsa district, province Takeo.

Brigadier General Neang Sopheara, commander of the Takeo Provincial Military Operations Area, said he had commanded the Borey Military Operations Force, in cooperation with Borey Chulsar District Police Inspector, to patrol the border, who arrested 5 Chinese nationals and 2 motodup drivers near the Borey Chulsar district border crossing.

Now, after arresting the five Chinese nationals, the relevant authorities sent them to be interrogated and quarantined at the Regional Pedagogical Center in Takeo. KPT

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