Woman Confesses To Poisoning Abusive Husband

Tbong Khmum Province: Police arrested a woman who poisoned her husband after he often was violent towards her. This case happened in Kngok village, Koki commune, Memot district on the night of March 9, 2021.

According to a military police, the husband, 36-year-old Thorn Khim, and the wife, 46-year-old Lay Salim, lived in the village where the incident took place. The wife put poison in the man’s alcohol, causing his death. She was arrested and sent to court for legal action.

The military officer said that after the incident, the police arrived at the house and found the victim had bubbles of saliva from his mouth, which led to suspicion of drug poisoning and no other injuries. With suspicion, the wife was detained for questioning. Lay Salim confessed that she had killed her husband, Thorn Khim, by putting poison in alcohol. The wife said it because the husband was addicted to alcohol and often violent. KBN

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