Weekly Weather- Thunderstorms Predicted

From March 10-16, there will be thunderstorms as high pressure from the Pacific drops slightly over the northeastern highlands.

The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology has confirmed that high pressure waves from the Pacific and small, low-pressure areas may cause THERMODYNAMIC phenomena that might cause sudden rainfall.
The forecast us as follows”:

1. Provinces in the central lowlands:

– Minimum temperature of 24-27 ° C
– Maximum temperature of 34-37 ° C
– On March 10-12, there will be thunderstorms ranging from weak to moderate in the northwestern provinces.

2. The provinces around Dangrek mountains and Northeast Plateau:
– Minimum temperature of 23-26 ° C

– Maximum temperatures ranging from 34-37 ° C
– On March 10, heavy thunderstorms in Oddar Meanchey province.

3-Coastal areas:
-Minimum temperature of 23-26 ° C

-Maximum temperature is 32-35 ° C.

Light to moderate thundershowers.

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